28 January

Vaccination logistics, Nursing pay and triage backlogs

Vaccination logistics, Nursing pay and triage backlogs

We have reached the end of the last week in January. We hope you have stayed safe and well.

We’ve covered many stories over the month; here’s a round up on the news from the last week. As always, if you have any comments or queries, email us and let us know!


Vaccinations in the North East

It was reported in the week, that Dr Nikki Kanani had confirmed vaccinations were being diverted. She explaining that the reason for this, is so that other areas in the country can catch up.

The decision was made as statistics showed that there was a geographical difference in the vaccinations being given.

Covid Vaccine

Nurses Pay

Whilst the nursing profession has been told that they must wait for the NHS Pay Review to make their recommendations in May, Health unions have called for this to be addressed sooner. The unions have warned that without this issue being looked at sooner than May, there is the risk that some will leave the profession.

Unions have given evidence that a “10% pay rise is affordable”. They have stressed that the pay increase would improve staff moral and emphasis how much they are appreciated.


Triage Backlogs

Dr Adam Shakir, a consultant ENT surgeon, joined ‘Consultant Connects Referral Backlog Triage service’ in September 2020. Designed to address and tackle the backlog of triage patients that have built up, as a result of the pandemic.


That’s all for this week. Let us know what you would like to see each week, by emailing us at [email protected]


In February we will be sharing a video blog with a GP, telling us about their experiences and giving their thoughts on the current situation. We will share the link on here, so make sure you check back each week!




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