Since our inception in 2015 we have placed more than 2,000 clinicians to practices across the whole of the UK, from Wick in Northern Scotland to the Isles of Scilly – and everywhere in between!

Our aim is to provide the right results for our candidates and clients, despite adverse market conditions. Our niche specialisation, in only working within primary care, means we fully understand general practice in terms of its challenges and opportunities.

The scale of our network and scope of our understanding enables us to provide solutions where others can’t.
We’ve won multiple awards for our exceptional levels of customer service and we’re committed to promoting continuity and quality within UK general practice.

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Why we're called Menlo Park

Menlo Park was Thomas Edison’s ‘Invention Factory’, synonymous with the creation of the incandescent lightbulb.

Inspired by the history and the qualities that the name Menlo Park embodies; we adopted the moniker and created a multi award-winning healthcare recruitment consultancy. We’re not reinventing recruitment, rather, we’re shining a light over the people and situations we encounter, bringing warmth, perceptiveness and a spark to the recruitment journey.

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Menlo Park supports a number of charities on a regular basis.

To learn more about which charities we support and other ongoing initiatives we run, please visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We Plant Trees!

Since 2021 Menlo Park has been planting 2 trees for every placement we make. See how many trees we’ve planted so far & how much CO2 we’ve offset.

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