We have recruited more than 100 GPs requiring a Tier 2 Visa

Until now you have been supported by Health Education England for your Tier 2 Visa, but now you’re approaching qualification you’ll need to find a visa-supporting practice until you’re able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

Due to GP practices being independent contractors within the NHS, each practice makes its own decision on whether to support a Tier 2 Visa. Many practices aren’t aware of the benefits of being a Tier 2 sponsor, or the costs involved, which is why for the past 8 years Menlo Park has been proactively promoting the benefits of being a supporting practice to many of the surgeries we recruit for – meaning we can give you more options than anywhere else!

Since 2015 we have recruited more than 100 GPs requiring a Tier 2 Visa and we have vacancies for GPs requiring a Tier 2 Visa on an ongoing basis.

Becoming a sponsoring practice and gaining your certificate of sponsorship can both be protracted processes so our advice is to speak with us as soon as possible, within 6 months of your qualification date.

Would you like to discuss your options?

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