30 April

The Unexpected Phone Call

…That Sparked a Career and Personal Awakening

When you’re set on your path, especially in a profession as demanding as veterinary medicine, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget to look beyond the immediate horizon. But what if one phone call could change the course of your career and even your life?

This story begins, quite fittingly, on this vet’s day off. Our vet, let’s call her Sarah, was just another vet caught in the grind, going about her daily routine. But as she aptly puts it:

“I came into work for something out of habit … I was literally walking into the house and my phone rang.”

A person looking at a phone

The call was from Anneka, a Headhunter from Simply Veterinary Specialist Headhunters (now Menlo Park Veterinary). Unlike traditional recruitment agencies that tend to be pushy and often, transactional, Anneka’s approach was different. She wasn’t just checking boxes; she genuinely wanted to know about Sarah’s career and life aspirations.

Sarah recounts,  

“I didn’t feel she rang me with an agenda, if that makes sense. I shared some fairly deep things with her just on that first phone call and I’m normally quite a guarded person…”

This isn’t the typical reaction most of us have towards Headhunters. Sarah, in particular, was averse to phone calls, and had previous experiences with pushy recruiters. But Anneka changed that perception.

Sarah shared with us, 

“There was just something about Anneka. She spoke to me like a human… She didn’t ring me with an agenda, she didn’t ring with me a pushy offer of saying, ‘This is what we’ve got, it’s so much better.’ She was genuinely interested in where I was in my career and also in life, because really this job is a lifestyle.”

Many vets can relate to this sentiment. The job is more than just a pay check; it’s a passion, a calling. And Sarah was fully immersed in that. Yet, behind the façade of her determination and commitment lay a deeper truth – her current workplace was draining her mentally and emotionally. She reflects:

“…when I look at what this current workplace has done to my mental health, I really should have given up the idea of what it could be… I was refusing to acknowledge how miserable I was.”

Anneka’s call wasn’t just a recruitment pitch; it was a mirror held up to Sarah, allowing her to confront her reality. The revelation was both freeing and overwhelming. But the real beauty of this interaction was that Anneka didn’t leave Sarah with her raw feelings. They journeyed together, exploring potential opportunities that aligned better with Sarah’s aspirations and well-being.

For those sceptical of speaking to Headhunters, Sarah’s experience is a testament to the fact that sometimes, letting someone in can lead to profound self-discovery and change. With Simply Veterinary Specialist Headhunters, the approach isn’t transactional – it’s deeply personal, which distinguishes it from the traditional recruitment paradigm.

In Sarah’s words, 

“I bet there are so many more people like me out there.” 

Indeed, there are. And for those who may be hesitating at the edge of their comfort zone, perhaps, it’s time to entertain that unexpected call, for it may very well be the doorway to a better tomorrow.

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