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Moving with the times: Using Video Technology when appointing Clinicians

The Benefits of using video technology when appointing Clinicians.

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Primary Care is busier than ever, with the majority of Vaccinations being carried out in General Practice. Practices are already seeing an increase in patient demand, as the vaccine is rolled out, which will likely increase further over the coming months. GPOnline.com posted an article recently warning that General Practices should expect an additional 1million patient appointments per week, compared to pre-pandemic numbers.

General Practices are not only under pressure to ensure they can hire adequate numbers of Clinicians to cope with the additional demand, they also need to make time to manage one or more thorough hiring processes, to ensure quality appointments are made with Clinicians who will contribute to the practice for the long term.

The use of video technology has been an invaluable tool throughout the lock-down period for General Practices, ensuring their patients receive care whilst reducing the spread of COVID-19. It stands to reason, it can be used as part of the hiring process – to offer flexibility and a much needed time saving to General Practices.

Here’s how it works

In short, the Clinician completes a short Video Interview, lasting between 5 and 10 minutes, which is then sent to the Hiring Lead, along with the CV, to view.

There are 2 options for the Clinician;

  • A ‘Solo Interview’ – with this option the Clinician received a link to the Platform, which has the questions and a guide time for each question. This option is great for those with a busy diary and limited breaks! You can complete the Interview at home, at your convenience, without the typical struggles of trying to coordinate diaries with another party.
  • A Virtual Interview in a ‘Meeting Room’ with the Recruitment Consultant – with this option, a more traditional Interview takes place between the Clinician and Consultant. This is a good option for those who prefer the interaction with another.

With each option, the Hiring Lead views a video of each interested party, each answering the same questions.


To the General Practice:

    • Time saving; effectively, the Video Interview can serve as the 1st interview in your hiring process; which is completed by the Menlo Park Recruitment Consultant. Compared to a typical 1st meeting; the Video Interview lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. Rather than a virtual call directly with the Clinician, which can last between 40 and 60 minutes. Should you have 4 applicants, this is a time saving of up-to 3 hours, not including time taken to arrange the virtual meetings!
    • Flexibility; the hiring lead can review the recorded videos at their leisure. Rather than having to manage availability to suit their diary, as well as the Clinician’s.
    • Confidence in decision making. CVs are subjective, whereas a Video Interview gives a good indication of how the Clinician presents themselves. This can give the hiring lead confidence in their selection process.
    • Quality; The Hiring Lead has the opportunity to provide questions  specific to the Practice to use for the Video Interview. Informed decisions can then be made based on the answers given. And Clinicians who are fitting for the post can be invited for a visit. This results in useful, meaningful conversations when the meeting in person takes place.

To the Clinician:

    • Support; an opportunity to build a better relationship with your Menlo Park Recruitment Consultant. Enabling more detailed conversations about the Practice, the post and the onward process.
    • Confidence; in your application. Video Interviewing gives the Clinician an opportunity to bring your CV to life. Highlighting key skills and characteristics, that may otherwise be ‘lost’ in the CV.
    • Time Saved; being invited to visit the practices which have posts that are fitting. Rather than spending time researching and preparing for a meeting for a post which isn’t right, for any number of reasons.

How does the platform work?

The Video Interview platform is incredibly user friendly and straight forward, with no need to download apps or software. The Clinician receives a link to the ‘Solo Interview’ or Consultant’s ‘Virtual Meeting Room’. Click the link and you are in!

The Hiring Lead received a thumbnail, which, when clicked, goes straight to the Video Interview.

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