18 September

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Celebrations at Menlo Park!

This week has been a very exciting week for us at Menlo Park, as we are celebrating our 5th birthday! Over the years we have grown as a team and helped many people along the way in finding their perfect role.

You can read all about our 5 year celebrations below!

Menlo Park is 5 years old

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NHS England

At the start of the week we shared a news article, which reported that NHS had written to all practices to ensure they are communicating to patients, that they can still be seen face to face if needed. Since this news story came out there has been backlash from GPs who have taken offense to the suggestion that they have not been doing so, and thew ways in which this has been reported by the media. GP surgeries have continued to work extremely hard during lockdown, and many felt this letter undermined the hard work they have been doing.

The BMA stated that the letter had been “an affront” to the GP surgeries that have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

Since this time, NHS England’s medical director, Dr Nikki Kanani has apologised for “any hurt” caused to GPs following the letter.

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Community pharmacists and GP Surgeries

A scheme for GP referrals to community pharmacy, through the community pharmacy consultation service, will be rolled out this Autumn, and “will be built on good relationships” between community pharmacy and general practice.

The PSNC is currently negotiating with the government for extra funding, following the financial impact COVID has had the industry.

Director of Menlo Park, Andrew Dean said the following. “At the beginning of the pandemic Pharmacies were playing a key role in Primary Care, where patients didn’t feel they could visit GP surgeries. They shouldn’t really be in this position, where they are struggling for funding and facing uncertainty about their future. They’ve demonstrated the crucial role they play in terms of peoples access to healthcare.”

Ciaran added “This sounds like a great initiative! To have GP surgeries and pharmacies working as closely as possible is the ideal.”

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Survey time

On Thursday we shared the link to our GP survey. Each year we conduct a survey of GPs and GP partners. We do this to get a better understanding of their workload and job satisfaction.

If you would like to complete our survey, click the link below! The survey will close at midnight on the 31st October. Results of the survey will be published on our website.

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What can we do to help you?

Are you thinking of moving roles? Thinking of relocating to another part of the country? Looking for somewhere closer to home? We will listen to what you are looking for and we will find you, your perfect role. All you have to do is call us or email us and we’ll guide you though every step.

Call us on: 0113 350 1308

Or email: [email protected]

We hope you have a great weekend, from everyone at Menlo Park!

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