23 October

Primary Care News roundup – Friday 23rd October

Primary Care, News Round-up



COVID and Primary Care

Labour MP, Catherine McKinnell has stated that GPs should be involved in the test and trace system, suggesting that with their local knowledge, they will do a better job than the current privately managed system.

GPs have expressed concern however, as the introduction of this would add to the already growing pressures on Primary Care. We know that GPs are overworked, especially since lockdown.


GPs increasing workload

GP Online reported this week, that 94% of GPs have stated that their workload is above normal. Increasing patient consultation, virtual consultations and staff absences have all been blamed for contributing to the pressures GPs are facing. With workload increasing, and such a high level of GPs feelings under pressure, is it even feasible to add to this pressure by including them in the test and trace system?


Primary Care nurses pay concerns

GP surgeries could relive some of the pressures, which they can do by ensuring there are a sufficient number of Practice Nurses and Advanced Nurse Practitioners on their team. The importance of nurses in General Practice, and the lack of standardised pay is an area directly linked to the workload pressures GPs are facing. Currently, nurses are not included in the 2% pay uplift included in the 2018/19 GP contract, this can lead to more nurses looking for locum work and surgeries being unable to retain their nursing workforce.

At the moment, the nursing workforce is slowly growing, there is around one nurse for every two GPs. We know how vitally important nurses are to general practice, and the key role they play.

Without tackling this now and working towards a solution, there will be more GPs facing stress from work. This will further increasing the pressures on surgeries. So, what can be done? Recruitment to a practice is a solution. Increasing the nursing workforce in a Practice will ease the workload pressure.


How can we help?

Recruiting to a practice can be time consuming for the practice staff. That’s where we come in. We would find out from you, the exact and specific requirements you are looking for in a new member of the team, it’s then our job to find them for you. We want to add value to your practice and relive the burden of the recruitment search for you.

You can call us on 0113 350 1308 to have a chat. You can ask us any questions about how the process works and how we can help you, we’re open and transparent, we’re here to make life easier for you and your practice!


If you would like to read the articles in full that we have been looking at this week, see below.



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