03 December

Primary Care News and events from the last week

Catch up on all the Primary Care, and NHS news and events we have covered this week!


NHS blood test pilot

NHS England announced this week, that they will be piloting a new blood test to spot more than 50 types of cancer. The blood test, called The Galleri, and developed by GRAIL, detects early stage cancers through a blood test alone.

Crucially the test also works on people with no symptoms and could be rolled out to become routinely available. This will have a hugely positive impact on peoples lives. The pilot is due to start mid 2021 and will be trialled on 165,000 people.


Vertical Integration

The National Institute for Health Research has conducted a study into Vertical Integration. This is when NHS Hospitals take over a GP practice, the reasoning behind this is so that patients can easily see a range of healthcare professional. This study showed that the takeover, meant that some practices that would have closed, to remain open.

Patrick, from Menlo Park said of this: “This is absolutely key – a huge frustration for practices has been the breakdown in communication between them and secondary care. Simplifying this as much as possible, for the sake of ease and simple referrals, is only a very positive thing.”

NHS heart


At Menlo Park we were delighted to be able to raise much needed funds for Movember this year. Our total so far is £1,395 and growing! Great effort from the whole team, for this very worthy cause.

Movember has been one of the greatest single sources of funding for prostate cancer research, with 34 clinical trials completed, all thanks to funding!

Movember-funded work has also identified 35 more genetic variants associated with testicular cancer risks. Funding is vitally important to continue the fantastic work that Movember does. Click on the link to sponsor us and help this very worthwhile cause.



The last news story we covered this week, it looked at the issue of ‘long-COVID’. The Guardian published an interesting piece where readers were able to ask questions they had surrounding this issue, and science correspondent, Linda Geddes addressed their concerns.

Read in full here

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