25 August

PODCAST: The real impact of the Investment and Impact Fund

What is the Investment and Impact Fund?

We speak to Dr Valeed Ghafoor, GP Partner in Blackpool to discuss Primary Care Networks, The Investment and Impact Fund (IIF), its effects on Primary Care providers and how this can be improved on.

We’re delighted to share an enlightening conversation featuring Victoria Ashton and Dr Valeed Ghafoor, GP Partner in a large Blackpool based practice. They discuss their thoughts on the Investment and Impact Fund and its effects on Primary Care providers.

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Main topics discussed

00:35- Dr Ghafoor introduction

01:30- Dr Ghafoor gives overview of Primary Care Networks.

03:45- What is the IIF and how does it come into Primary Care Networks?

08:00- How can funding be lost via the IIF?

12:25- Why can’t the IIF work in conjunction with QOF to have one system so that practices don’t miss out on funding?

15:14- What other aspects of IIF apart from coding are causing problems with funding in practices?

21:25- What happens if a practice doesn’t need some of the staff the IIF allows them to recruit, and doesn’t use the funding allocated?

22:40- If the funding didn’t get used last year, but it is needed this year- what happens?

23:50- Suggestions Dr Ghafoor has for other practices to manage and avoid issues with the IIF.

31:32- What has Dr Ghafoor done in his practice to take control of stress, burnout and still provide the best care and meet target?

33:50- How can the network help practices?

37:30- Are practices having to use their own staff to satisfy the needs of the IIF because staff provided by the network isn’t enough?

41:44- Content of next podcast.


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