26 January

PODCAST: Are GPs Given a Bad Reputation?

The Future of General Practice

Steve Taylor talks about the GP statistics and figures and what the future of General Practice holds.

In this episode we are joined by Dr Steve Taylor, a former GP Partner who has been involved in training 60 GPs throughout his career. Steve is focused on helping get the message out there about the truth of what GPs experience on a daily basis – something that the mainstream media do a poor job of. Ciaran Fletcher and Dr Steve Taylor  discuss some of the statistics and figures that Steve shares online and what the future of general practice might look like.

What topics do we cover?

Ciaran and Steve discuss various topics, including:

  • What has brought about the increase in GP workload?
  • GPs in the media
  • Mental health in general practice
  • What needs to be done to turn around ‘bad GP statistics?’ What needs to change?
  • Patient satisfaction

Where can you listen to all of our podcast episodes?

You can either watch our podcast below or stream it on Spotify, Apple or Amazon.

Watch the episode now on YouTube

YouTube podcast timings

00:05 – Ciaran introduces Dr Steve Taylor

00:46 – Steve Taylor introduces himself

01:25 – Background on Dr Steve’s work and why he became a GP

02:57 – Where and how did the GP workload and pressure stats start?

07:36 – GPs in the media

09:21 -What has brought about the increase in GP workload?

12:51 – Mental health in general practice

14:37 – Funding in Primary Care

16:13 – Why are younger and newly qualified GPs leaving?

17:33 – GPs from overseas

20:48 – International Health Policy Statistics

21:52 – What needs to be done to turn around ‘bad GP statistics? What needs to change?

27:04 – Failure to support GPs

32:00 – ‘Bad news’ about GPs sells!

33:52 – Patient satisfaction

35:20 – Is there a lack of understanding by Labour and Lib Dems?

42:10 – Is there hope for Primary Care?

47:42 – Find Dr Steve Taylor on social media.

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