31 January

Planting Success – 1000 Trees!

Menlo Park Recruitment: Continuing to plant success!

Reaching another tree milestone

When we first had the idea to plant tress for every placement we made, we didn’t realise how quickly we would reach such high numbers! We are delighted to announce that we have planted 1004 trees! This remarkable achievement means that 301.20 tonnes of CO2 have been sequestered!

We have been delighted with the feedback we have received about our initiative. At Menlo Park, we have received lots of positive feedback from people we have worked with, about how much they value what we are trying to do.

We began our initiative, as we understood that as a company, we have a responsibility to do what we can to improve the environment and to off set our carbon footprint.

According to the website Carbon Independent, the average carbon footprint for someone living in the UK, as around 10 tonnes of CO2 per person, per year!

We look forward to our next tree milestone, and we will continue to remain committed to helping the environment as much as we can!

1004 trees

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