27 April

More awareness of the menopause needed in society

65% of GPs do not think that there is enough general awareness in society, about the menopause, its symptoms and treatments

Menopause Awareness

A large number of clinicians we surveyed stated that they did not feel that there was enough awareness in society, of the symptoms and treatments for the menopause.

The GPs we spoke to, said that more content on TV, news and magazines would help people to gain this understanding. The recent campaign hosted by Davina McCall, shed a light on the need for this conversation to be brought to the forefront, and the options available to people.

Clinicians also expressed a need for a change in the culture surrounding the issues, as some felt that women might be embarrassed about the stigma attached to entering menopause age, and this might therefore make them reluctant to come forward for help, either from their GP, employer, family or friends.

Also addressed, was the dismantling of the myth that the menopause is something women ‘just have to deal with’, and how there are many different options, including non-medicinal options, for helping women to lead a life less effected by the menopause.

Another GP expressed the need for there to be a better understanding in workplaces, and to promote open conversation, that will ultimately result in happier, more productive and supportive teams, leading to a better work environment overall. It’s important that both men and women are knowledgeable on the subject.

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