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Menlo Park, Market Leaders in Primary Care Recruitment

Why Menlo Park are the Market Leading Primary Care Recruitment Consultancy!

By Alexa Makaafi

GP vacancies: 64% higher

With Data evidencing that GP vacancies are 64% higher than a year ago at a time when workload is also at an all-time high and at a time in history when GPs are harder than ever to find it’s vital that your practice partners with a market leading recruitment consultancy to assist you in your journey in recruiting the very best GPs for your practice. The following details why we are so successful in sourcing the very best talent:

Ability to source and engage candidates that others can’t

We are noted for our ability to source and engage candidates, that others can’t. Our success has been forged by building great networks and maintaining contact throughout the recruitment process. The teams expert knowledge of the sector allows us to fully understand the roles we handle, and convey them in a very effective and clear way to clinicians.

Primary Care recruitment

Our niche specialisation means that our consultants are highly knowledgeable and insightful

Our niche specialisation means that our consultants are highly knowledgeable and insightful. We get to the very DNA of a practice we’re working with, allowing us to source and engage ‘best fit’ clinicians for the team. We’ve achieved this, over the years, through robust training and detailed processes.

We have excellent retention rates at Menlo Park; our consultants develop their expertise over years of working with the company. You’re working with a trusted advisor, when you partner with Menlo Park.

We are extremely thorough in our approach

We are extremely thorough in our approach; taking and sharing detailed information with Surgeries and Clinicians. Those working with Menlo Park receive regular feedback and comprehensive preparation throughout the recruitment exercise. Sharing key information promotes transparency and improves the recruitment process

The people we work with and place into new roles, make a big, positive difference to their new employer.

The clinicians we place make a big, positive difference to their new surgeries; they are of a higher calibre and linked to better retention rates, compared to those sourced elsewhere. Working with Menlo Park is the most sensible investment you could make for your career or practice.

People are not your most important asset, the RIGHT people are – so don’t settle for second best just because you may have applicants that have applied to your advert. Generally speaking those actively seeking new jobs should be viewed with caution, job hoppers or career locums who are looking for stop gap roles. Long-term, it is going to be more costly to your surgery, if you make the wrong hire and that person leaves within a short time frame… you are going to have the substantial cost of starting the process again, but the morale of your current team members is going to be impacted, and this could lead to further attrition.

Why use us to fill your vacancy?

The most obvious reason is that you don’t have any candidates… the methods you have utilised, probably on more than one occasion, are the same methods you’ve used time and again, without result.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

These failed attempts to fill your role have cost the practice significantly; some tangible costs like:

  • paying for an advert, and
  • having to use expensive locums to cover gaps in your rota,

combined with more subtle costs:

  • the time you spent organising the recruitment process,
  • handling queries (if you got them),
  • writing and posting adverts…

Then there is the cost of disruption to service, the impact of an increased work-load for existing staff, increased waiting times, lack of continuity for patients, bad feedback etc

How do we successfully fill your vacancy?

Recruitment is a process… explained here in 5 STEPS:

Step 1 – Find

The best candidates are very rarely looking at adverts, you have to go out and find them. You can’t attract them to your surgery, if you can’t find them. Don’t expect the perfect person to land on your desk…

Step 2 – Attract 

The vacancy rate in primary care is over 10%; need to check current stats with JT in most cases you will face stiff competition for candidates. In a market like this, candidates need a good reason to come and see you.

Step 3 – Recruit

Your assessment process! It is difficult enough to reach the stage where you have a candidate engaged in wanting to visit the practice. Don’t fluff your lines now; think about how you deliver on a process that helps the candidate choose you.

Step  4 – On-board

The candidate has decided to join your practice. You’ve potentially had to wait several months to bring them on-board, so it is crucial to give them the best possible support, as this is linked to long-term retention.

Step 5 – Retain

The best surgeries will constantly review the needs of their team members; understanding their motivations, what keeps them engaged and ultimately knowing how to keep them happy. If you can recruit and retain the right people, you will succeed in an otherwise tough market. 51.4% of our business is repeat. 

Why are Menlo Park the Market Leading Primary care Recruitment Consultancy?

  • We fill 82% of the briefs we handle.
  • Our retention rates are an industry leading 97.5%. 
  • We saved the NHS an estimated  (and conservative) approximation of  £7million in 2019 – 2020, by replacing expensive, temporary staff with permanent, committed employees.
  • Winners of ‘Recruitment Consultancy of the Year’ at the 2019 and 2021 General Practice awards
  • Recognised as an approved supplier on the Practice Index

Don’t just take our word for it, see what both Practices and Clinicians say about working with us by reading through our many brilliants testimonials: https://menloparkrecruitment.com/testimonials/

Read some of our reviews

“Alexa is really easy to work with and she keeps you well informed throughout the process. She is excellent at communicating and she acts fast, so candidates are seen quickly, and no opportunity is missed to recruit the right person for the Practice.”

Lucy Smith -Practice Manager

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