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Welcome to Menlo Park Health Tech!

Why use Menlo Park?

Our aim is to work with organisations that are serious about hiring the best people and investing in their recruitment process.

Our aim is to promote quality and continuity within Health Tech. We believe that helping connect the right people, to the right places, is absolutely key to achieving this. We know what it takes to find, attract and match the best professionals with the best Technology Providers. We’re proud of the long lasting relationships we build with Candidates and Technology Providers, who value us as Trusted Advisers.

What makes us different? 

Ability to source and engage candidates that others can’t

We are noted for our ability to source and engage candidates, that others can’t. Our success has been forged by building great networks and maintaining contact throughout the recruitment process. Our expert knowledge of the sector allows us to fully understand the roles we handle, and convey them in a very effective and clear way to technology providers.

Our niche specialisation means that our consultants are highly knowledgeable and insightful

Our niche specialisation means that our consultants are highly knowledgeable and insightful. We get to the very DNA of a provider we’re working with, allowing us to source and engage ‘best fit’ candidates for the team. We’ve achieved this, over the years, through robust training and detailed processes. We have excellent retention rates at Menlo Park; our consultants develop their expertise over years of working with the company. You’re working with a trusted advisor, when you partner with Menlo Park.

We are extremely thorough in our approach

We are extremely thorough in our approach; taking and sharing detailed information with technology providers and candidates. Those working with Menlo Park receive regular feedback and comprehensive preparation throughout the recruitment exercise. Sharing key information promotes transparency and improves the recruitment process.

The people we work with and place into new roles, make a big, positive difference to their new employers.

The candidates we place make a big, positive difference to their new company; they are of a higher calibre and linked to better retention rates, compared to those sourced elsewhere. Working with Menlo Park is the most sensible investment you could make for your career or company.

Meet the team

HealthTech Amanda

Amanda recently joined Menlo Park as the lead recruiter for contract positions within Health Tech. With over 20 years experience recruiting temporary staff within the technology and education sectors, she is skilled in finding the best match for your needs.

Working with a range of well-funded start-ups and established companies across the UK, the focus of Menlo Park is on working with Health Tech Clients that are serious about leading the industry, driving forward the intrinsic connection between technology and health, whilst also recognising the importance of investing in an efficient recruitment process and ultimately the best talent.

Whether you are a client looking for talent or a contractor looking for your next role within the Health Tech sector, then please contact Amanda on the details below to find out how she can support you.

Email: [email protected]


HealthTech Tom

Tom joined the company in 2020 and as the lead contact for permanent positions within Health Tech. He works with a range of well-funded start-ups and established companies across the UK and the US. His background is hiring within the technology sector and, whilst working as a Senior Consultant, he gained valuable knowledge across a range of different tech sectors.

Most recently, Tom successfully hired for positions such as Head of Software Engineering, Full Stack Developers and Business Analysts across many countries in Europe.  Tom grew up in New York City and has a good understanding what to look for in terms of the appropriate culture fit for a client, whilst also ensuring candidate’s tech skills are rightly tailored to a specific position.

Email: [email protected]

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