12 February

GPs and the media

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GPs and the media

Pulse today shared a story last week surrounding the issue of the press coverage GPs received over 2020.

The article states that throughout 2020, many of the public mistakenly believed that GPs were closed. In reality GPs were open the entire time. This misunderstanding has been due to GPs having to conduct a lot of phone and video consultations as a result of the pandemic, but have remained open and working throughout the pandemic.

Pulse have stated in their article that of 164 articles about GPs in 2020, almost half ‘suggested practices were shut or providing poor access’.

We would be really interested to hear from GPs about what their perception has been over 2020. Have you felt that the media has misrepresented the situation in Primary Care? If you would like to share your story with us, contact us at [email protected]


Vaccines for housebound patients

It was announced last week that housebound patients in Greater Manchester are to receive the COVID vaccination in their homes, to ensure they are not missed. The initiative began in Swinton and is now beginning across Greater Manchester.

This is another great step towards protecting the particularly vulnerable.


Large vaccination centre to open in Shropshire

Shropshire CCG confirmed that a new vaccination site is to be located at Telford International Centre. The site is due to relieve pressures from GP surgeries and hospitals, by offering the vaccination.

Ciaran, of Menlo Park stated: “This should be the extra boost that the area needs to really advance with the vaccine roll out now!”

There has now been more than 12 million people in the UK who have received their first vaccination dose. With the continued hard work of Primary Care and hospitals, we can really begin to see the end in sight now. We thank everyone for all their hard work and sacrifices over this pandemic.

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