19 May

SURVEY RESULTS: 75% of clinicians don’t receive regular menopause training

Survey finds that 75% of clinicians don’t receive regular menopause training 

A recent nationwide survey of general practitioners showed that 75% of clinicians did not receive regular menopause training.

The most common age for women to go through the menopause is from the ages of 45-55. The menopause can affect women physically and mentally, making it difficult to continue their careers, if not properly supported at work and by their doctors.

Our study revealed that general practitioners would like more regular training on the menopause symptoms and treatments, to better serve their patients. One GP told Menlo Park that formal menopause training included when they are in medical school, and then as a GP registrar, would be beneficial.

GPs told us, that they would like regular updates on the option of using testosterone to help with symptoms, and more overall training on HRT, including the difference in brands.

GPs spoke of how they could better serve their patients, if they were more aware of the local resources available, as well as understanding the pros and cons of all the different treatments available, stating that this would facilitate a better, more in depth consultation with their patients.

GPs also expressed an interest in educating menstruators before they begin experiencing symptoms of the menopause, so that they are better educated and equipped to manage their journey through this stage in their life.

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