19 May

First Contact Physiotherapists In Primary Care

First Contact Physiotherapists – Diversify Primary Care

By Jasmine Kaur

Reducing the workload for clinicians

By a long shot the greatest test confronting General Practice is the need for more clinicians to combat the ever-increasing demand for GPs appointments. It is evident that more needs to be done to reduce the overwhelming workload that challenges many clinicians within Primary Care daily.

Data shows how musculoskeletal conditions can account for between 15-30% of a GPs workload, a figure that can be significantly reduced by the simple introduction of First Contact Physiotherapists/Practitioners. Recruiting a FCP will prove a worthy investment for any practice and here’s why:

With a growing populace and expansion in the pervasiveness of Musculoskeletal conditions it is clear how there is a need to intervene, as the current referral pathway is between 18-20 weeks prolonging the conditions in many patients. FCPs instantly provide a shorter waiting time for patients as they can be seen sooner, increasing patient satisfaction.

By recruiting a FCP, these autonomous practitioners can assess, diagnose, and manage a range of musculoskeletal problems and where appropriate prescribe a programme of exercises, administer steroid injections, refer, and examine X-ray results. They can discharge a patient or refer them to the appropriate secondary care services, thus accelerating recovery time, managing workloads, and contributing to quality patient care.


First Contact Physiotherapists have the capacity to be exceptionally valuable assets within Primary Care as they assist in reducing a GPs workload, they can support the Practice’s goals to meet targets and therefore reducing the use of locums.

It’s important, now more than ever, to educate primary care on the benefits a FCP can offer and the positive, long-lasting results they can bring to communities.

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“A very friendly service and they keep in touch right through the process. We are now using them for another vacancy and also enlisted them to help with our Primary Care network vacancies as well.

Can’t recommend these guys enough.”

Darryl Southern – Practice Manager

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