16 March

Exclusive: 11% of GPs describe the government’s approach “pragmatic”

Exclusive: Only 11% of GPs describe the government’s approach to primary care during Covid “pragmatic”

ALMOST 9 out of 10 GPs think the government’s approach to Primary Care throughout the pandemic was not pragmatic, according to a recent survey.

The data has been gathered by Menlo Park’s recent survey Tech & Primary Care: A Post Pandemic Panacea, which gave 11,000 GPs the opportunity to have their say on current general practice.

GPs have faced criticism in the media and sometimes from the government itself during the pandemic, and our survey has given GPs a chance to hit back and share their views of the past two years.

From Boris Johnson’s early herd immunity gaffe to procrastination in announcing lockdowns, the government is no stranger to criticism for its leadership in the pandemic.

Many point to the failure to implement sufficient safeguarding strategies against the spread of Covid-19 during the early stages of the pandemic when Covid-19 was at its most dangerous with an unvaccinated population, despite seeing other European countries struggling with the disease weeks before it would reach similar severity in the UK.

Most recently it has been confirmed in Sue Gray’s report into Downing Street that there were at least 16 rule-breaking parties during the strictest lockdown rules, of which 12 are now being investigated by the Met police.

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