04 September

Primary Care News – Friday 4th September

Rural GP Practice funding issues

A news article highlighted the funding issues small, rural GP practices face. The article focussed on a Welsh practice who have difficulty receiving funds for their 1960 bungalow practice.

We spoke to the team about this issue raised, here’s what the team thought:

Ciaran: “I suppose a part of it is that it comes down to the number of patients that these surgeries have to see. If a small and more rural practice doesn’t have the same number of patients as a more urban site, then funding is likely to go with the needs of the many and not the few.”

Patrick: “I think it’s swings and roundabouts to a degree. Rural practices are much more likely to be able to run a dispensary out of the practice, the profits of which far outweigh any extra funding that inner-city practices may get. There are still many inner-city practices in non purpose-built buildings too, as planning can be more restrictive for expansion or new build premises within larger cities.”

Read the article in full here


Are virtual GP appointments the future?

The last few months have forced a change in the way we contact, and the way we see our GP. As we move forward, the likelihood is that virtual consultations will be more widely used, than before the pandemic.

This can mean greater flexibility for all involved. This offers people the choice and flexibility of the type of appointment they want. We are moving into a new era of healthcare and the potential for improvements across many areas, is huge.

Here’s what the team thought

Ciaran: I think with the way that technology is constantly advancing, it makes perfect sense to maintain virtual GP consultations, even once we have a vaccine for Covid-19. A choice of virtual or face to face would be the ideal.

Patrick: The pandemic has certainly prompted a change in public perception, with many people now realising that they don’t physically need to see a GP/Nurse with their problems. Face to face consultations will never fully disappear. They’re undoubtedly a necessity at times, and other times the patient will just be much more comfortable discussing certain things face to face. It’s a very interesting time to be working within the Primary Care sphere!

Read the article in full here


GP Practice closes its doors

A GP practice in Hambleton has closed its doors, leaving patients with a four mile journey to their closest medical centre. The closure came following advice that the building was not fit for purpose.

Do more smaller GP surgeries face uncertainty? Closures like this could have a damaging effect on patients who are unable to travel to the nearest health centre.

Here’s what the team said:

Ciaran: I think a big negative effect of small practices closing is that the elderly demographic may not feel comfortable travelling a greater distance to another surgery, which in turn, might mean that they are less likely to visit a GP when they should.

Victoria: Let’s hope the landlords of this practice don’t have elderly relatives who cant make the trip to the next closest practice for medical attention!

Read the article in full here


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