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Primary Care News – Friday 11th September

Students answer the call for nurses!

At the start of the week, we shared the news that there has been a 22% increase in the number of students applying for nursing degrees, following the chief nursing officers appeal for more people to join the profession!

This is great news for the profession. We spoke to the team about this, here’s what they had to say:

Ciaran: “This is fantastic news! I’ve spoken to a few clients recently who have said that they are not seeing many younger nurses coming up from university, so a development like this could be a game-changer!”

Patrick: “An increase in Nursing student applications is great, but there is still a lot of work to be done in getting these Clinicians into Primary Care. A lot of newly-qualified Nurses go to work in Secondary Care, due to the lack of opportunities and Training in Primary Care, which is hopefully something that will be addressed with this increase!”

Victoria also added, “My daughter is determined to become a paediatric nurse. I hope she achieves her goals.”

Read the article here


How will GP surgeries manage appointments going forward?

Matt Hancock stated that all GP appointments, by default, should be remote consultations. Scottish Health secretary, Jeanne Freeman has rejected this suggestion.

There does not seem to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution to this, that will please everyone, or that everyone agrees with. Some people will prefer virtual consultations; for others, this will never be something they like, or are comfortable with.

Studies have shown that 55% of communication comes via body language, something that will be completely missed on virtual consultations.

Is there a simple answer to this? Probably not. Will it always have to be an ever-changing and evolving process?

Do you think people who do want to see a GP face to face, will feel confident enough to request this?

Communication with patients will be the key to ensuring each patient gets the help they need. Ciaran of Menlo Park, said “I feel as though it would need to be emphasised to patients that appointments are, by default, remote. Explain what that could include, be it virtually by video call or by telephone, but also express that if this is not someone’s preferred option, they can choose to see a GP in person. Requests to see a GP in person may end up having longer waiting times though.”

Amanda added “It really is a difficult situation however I think patients need to be seen face to face after online consultation or telephone triage. I personally have an appointment booked for a long term condition with my GP practice. One size really doesn’t fit all.”

It’s a very divisive topic, and it’s clear that to ensure each patient gets the help and advice they want, a flexible approach will need to be adopted.

Read the full article here

Primary Care Networks post COVID

Primary Care Networks were introduced in 2019, forming 1259 PCNs in total. Positive news from the BMJ, suggests that in spite of the ongoing difficulties primary care faces, that these networks will prevail.

How do you think thew pandemic will impact these relatively new networks?

Could networks actually emerge stronger from this? Could practices work better at sharing premises and staff, more so than before?

Georgina commented “I think PCN’s will definitely emerge stronger from this. Without PCN’s I think GP practices may have felt a lot more isolated and vulnerable when the pandemic hit. It will have given them a feel of sustainability and a fighting spirit to work through!”

Read the full article here

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