14 May

In Conversation with Dr Mateen Ellahi

A three-part episode with an entrepreneurial young GP Partner, Dr Mateen Ellahi. First, we discuss how he balances his NHS and private work and what a portfolio career gives him in terms of balance and job satisfaction. We then move on to his practice and how they’ve become one of the highest rated GP Practices in the country on Google. Part three covers Dr Ellahi’s venturing into GP Consultancy, offering his experience and insight to practices who are struggling, much in the way that management consultants exist but from a specific General Practitioner viewpoint.

40mins 34secs

10 April

How Big a Problem is Stress and Burnout?

In this episode, Ciaran Fletcher is joined by Dr. Farnaaz Sharief MBE, to discuss stress and burnout in healthcare. Farnaaz offers insight about how you can recognise signs of stress and burnout in yourself and your colleagues, as well as offering her tips and advice for dealing with these complex issues.

28mins 9secs

02 December

How a GP Surgery Became Google’s Highest Rated

In this episode of the Illuminating Primary Care podcast, David Murphy is joined by Dr. Nabeel Arshad, GP Partner at The Brooke Surgery, which is Google's highest rated in the country. We discuss what changes practices can make to drastically improve patient satisfaction, and how to improve Google reviews.

30mins 28secs

08 November

The Challenges Faced by GP Trainees

Join Ciaran Fletcher and Dr. Erwin Kwun, the man who coaches GP trainees to help them succeed MRCGP SCA and beyond. They discuss the challenges GP trainees can face, doctors' wellbeing in training and beyond, preparation for the SCA, and developing a portfolio career.

40mins 20secs

11 October

Are GPs happy in their jobs?

Ciaran Fletcher is joined by Dr. Sally Hambly to discuss her work in coaching doctors to make career decisions which put their wellbeing at the centre. We discuss the sunk cost fallacy and how it may prevent doctors leaving primary care, the pressures of taking on a new role, how imposter syndrome affects GPs, and why career diversification may be the right choice for some.

40mins 26secs

02 September

How to improve your health span

In this fascinating episode of the Illuminating Primary Care podcast, Kirsty Morris is joined by Riccardo DiCuffa, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Thyme. Riccardo explains how he believes we should approach the issue of an ageing population, with people living longer, but not necessarily healthier. He offers advice as to how people can implement lifestyle changes to ensure they live long, healthy lives.

30mins 55secs

02 September

The Emerging Role of Physician Associates within Primary Care

We speak to James Catton, an experienced Physician Associate within primary care based in Suffolk and Physician Associate ambassador working with Health Education England to discuss all aspects of the PA role, from qualifying through to working as part of a PCN and what the future looks like in general practice for PAs.

43mins 19secs

18 August

The real impact of the Investment and Impact Fund

We speak to Dr Valeed Ghafoor, GP Partner in Blackpool to discuss Primary Care Networks, The Investment and Impact Fund (IIF), It’s effects on Primary Care providers and how this can be improved on.

39mins 8secs

12 August

The Evolution of Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice

Shilpa Patel is the lead GP Pharmacist (and partner) at WellBN Integrated Healthcare, pharmacist mentor, assessor and Inspirational speaker. Jasmine Kaur discusses with Shilpa what Clinical Pharmacists can bring to a practice, what career opportunities are available for Pharmacists within primary care, and the story behind becoming a GP Partner.

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