22 December

PODCAST: How a GP Surgery Became Google’s Highest Rated

How a practice became the top rated GP surgery

Join David Murphy and Dr. Nabeel Arshad as they discuss what changes practices can make to drastically improve patient satisfaction.

In this episode of the Illuminating Primary Care podcast, David Murphy is joined by Dr. Nabeel Arshad, GP Partner at The Brooke Surgery – Google’s highest rated practice.

What topics do we cover?

David and Nabeel discuss various topics, including:

  • How the practice significantly improved patient satisfaction
  • Methods to increase your Google reviews
  • How and why practices should use social media to engage with patients
  • The ways their new system has affected staff recruitment, workload and retention

Where can you listen to all of our podcast episodes?

You can either watch our podcast below or stream it on SpotifyApple or Amazon.

Watch the episode now

YouTube podcast timings

0:39 – How the practice gained more positive reviews

5:40 – Use of social media in boosting reviews

9:51 – Impact of new system on workload

12:07 – Impact of their system on local A&E services

14:06 – Job satisfaction for clinicians

18:39 – How practices can use social media, and why more practices should

24:14 – Advice for practices wanting to improve Google reviews

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