29 September

PODCAST: How to Improve Your Health Span

Can lifestyle changes keep you healthier for longer?

Join Kirsty Morris and Riccardo DiCuffa as they discuss factors affecting the length of our lifespan.

In this fascinating episode of the Illuminating Primary Care podcast, Kirsty Morris is joined by Riccardo DiCuffa, Co Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Thyme.

Riccardo explains how he believes we should approach the issue of an ageing population, with people living longer, but not necessarily healthier. He offers advice as to how people can implement lifestyle changes to ensure they live long, healthy lives.

What topics do we cover?

Riccardo discusses several factors affecting lifestyle with Kirsty, including:

  • What is ‘health span’?
  • How have the pandemic and celebrities affected perceptions of health?
  • The impact of processed foods
  • The importance of gut health
  • Why he recommends regular health checks
  • His own personal health rituals

Where can you listen to all of our podcast episodes?

You can either watch our podcast below or stream it on Spotify, Apple or Amazon.

Watch the episode now on YouTube

YouTube podcast timings

01:10 – What is ‘health span’?

11:44 – The impact of the pandemic and celebrity media portrayals on health perceptions

15:30 – Processed foods and Western diets

20:31 – The importance of gut health

29:13 – Why Riccardo recommends regular health checks

33:45 – Riccardo’s personal health rituals

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