20 November

Primary Care Podcast for GPs

Looking for a new podcast for GPs?

On our podcast, Illuminating Primary Care, we’ve hosted a range of guests – from GPs, to Allied Health professionals, to GP Partners. Our guests share their knowledge and experiences from their time in primary care.

Here are a selection of episodes aimed at GPs.

The Stresses of Being a GP. Can Anything Help?

We speak to Dr. Clara Doran, a former GP and founder of Noggin the Brain People. Clara is focused on helping everyday folk, including GPs, take better care of themselves and cope with the stresses of daily life.

Why Would a GP Relocate to the Channel Islands?

Patrick Flowers is joined by Dr. James Kier to discuss all things related to general practice in Jersey, and why GPs might want to consider moving there.

What is it Really Like Working as a Private GP?

David Murphy speaks to Dr. Janki Patel about what you can expect working as a Private GP, and the benefits of developing a portfolio career.

Burnout: A GP Crisis

Matthew Okey chats with Dr. Jo Davies about her experience dealing with burnout, how she managed to cope, and Jo’s advice for other GPs who may be going through what she did.

Coming Soon

A new episode is coming soon aimed at GP Trainees, called ‘The Challenges Faced by GP Trainees’. Ciaran Fletcher speaks to Dr. Erwin Kwun, a doctor who coaches GP Trainees to help them pass the MRCGP. Erwin and Ciaran discuss:

  • The various challenges GP Trainees encounter
  • Doctors’ wellbeing MRCGP and beyond
  • Preparation for the MRCGP SCA
  • Developing a portfolio career

The episode comes out Friday 24th November across all major streaming platforms and YouTube, so don’t miss it!

Want to be featured on our podcast?

If you’d like to be featured on a future episode of our podcast, you can contact us here!

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