26 May

PODCAST: Why would a GP relocate to the Channel Islands?

Thinking of relocating as a GP?

Join Patrick Flowers and Dr James Kier as they talk about the differences between working as a GP in the UK, and in Jersey.

Our podcast features Patrick Flowers and Dr James Kier, GP Partner at Lido Medical Practice in St Helier, Jersey discussing exactly this. In this episode of the Illuminating Primary Care podcast, we cover all things related to Jersey General Practice and why, as a GP, you might consider moving there.

They talk about the main benefits of working in Jersey over the UK; some differences between the NHS and a Private Healthcare system and the impact this has on workload; top tips for a GP considering relocating and finally what the future holds for the NHS.

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You can watch our podcast on YouTube found below or alternatively stream it on SpotifyApple or Amazon.

Main topics discussed

02:24- The main advantages of Jersey over Australia and Canada

05:58- How does being a Partner/Business owner in Jersey differ to the UK?

07:53- What are the main benefits between Jersey and UK general practice?

11:14- Any drawbacks to working in Jersey vs UK as a GP?

13:10- Advice for GPs thinking of relocating

14:48- What does Dr Kier see in the NHS’ future?

16:05- Specific financial benefits of Jersey – Increased sessional rates and less tax

How can Menlo Park help with your relocation as a GP?

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For help finding your next role in Primary Care, or relocation help, complete our contact form, here.



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