27 October

PODCAST: Are GPs Happy in Their Jobs?

Balancing your career and your wellbeing as a GP

Join Ciaran Fletcher and Dr. Sally Hambly as they discuss how GPs can evaluate their careers and ensure they are focusing on their wellbeing.

In this episode of the Illuminating Primary Care podcast, Ciaran Fletcher is joined by Dr. Sally Hambly, who offers 1:1 coaching with the aim of supporting doctors to make life and career choices which put their wellbeing at the centre.

What topics do we cover?

Ciaran and Sally discuss various topics, including:

  • Why doctors may be unhappy in their careers
  • The sunk cost fallacy and how it may prevent doctors from leaving
  • Pressures of taking on a new role
  • Imposter syndrome within general practice
  • Criticism of doctors from the public and patients
  • Guilt about leaving a role
  • Career diversification and portfolio careers

Where can you listen to all of our podcast episodes?

You can either watch our podcast below or stream it on Spotify, Apple or Amazon.

Watch the episode now on YouTube

YouTube podcast timings

04:50 – Sunk cost fallacy

17:26 – The pressures of a new role

19:24 – Imposter syndrome in primary care

27:23 – Criticism of doctors from the public and patients

31:35 – Guilt about leaving a role

40:53 – Career diversification and portfolio careers

Looking for free help and advice with finding your next role?

You’re welcome to contact us for help finding your next role in Primary Care. We have GP roles across the UK and it is free to use our services. If you would like to speak to our team, complete our contact form, here.



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