05 July

We celebrate the NHS’s 74th Birthday today!

Join us in celebrating the 74 years of NHS

We have a lot to be grateful for with the NHS, from their strong work ethic to their dedication, especially after the last two years. Which has been challenging for everyone, but particularly for the NHS, as they cared for around 680,000 seriously ill COVID patients. Not to mention alongside this, the vaccination process was kickstarted and even now, they work tirelessly to clear the backlog.

History of the NHS

The foundations of the NHS began on 5th July 1948, with the bold plan to make healthcare accessible to everyone, not just the fortunate few that could afford it. Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health was the person who launched the National Health Service, abbreviated to NHS. This is now the service that we see today which is widespread healthcare that is available to everyone. Despite the fact it has modernized and expanded over the years, the foundations remain the same and they’re still going strong now.

Now in 2022, we celebrate their birthday, as part of it, they’re having a tea party including major charities and funding being involved.

Our Relationship with the NHS

Since our inception, we have been assisting GPs and nurses into full-time positions in practice. It’s no secret that the NHS has a shortage of GPs and there is a severe lack of funding from the UK government. But through us acting as an intermediary between practices and GPs looking for positions in the field, we are helping fill more positions. As in these times, the more support, and numbers in NHS establishments, the better it will be. We also won the general practice award for money saved in practices, so we are in full support of the field and the NHS. Therefore, wishing them a happy 74th birthday.

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