11 March

How we are helping the environment

Planting trees at Menlo Park Recruitment

How Menlo Park are commited to helping the environment


At Menlo Park, we are always trying to think of better ways to do things. That could be better ways of working, using new technology, or improving our surroundings. At the start of the year we were looking at how we can give back, and how we can proactively make a difference in the environment.

Carbon footprint

At Menlo Park we have already offset 11.40 tons of carbon, by planting 38 trees. We have pledged to plant a tree for every placement we make, one on behalf of the candidate and one on behalf of the client.

Trees Planted March 2021

More Trees        

After researching different companies that could help, we discovered the company More Trees. The company was founded by Niki Tibble and Alan Wilson. And was set up to help companies to offset their carbon footprint.

The company partners with non-profit non-government organisations, working with “Local communities to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty across the world”.

The future          

We will continue to plant trees for every placement we make. Watch out for future posts where we will keep you updated with our progress and the carbon we have offset!

We are committed to finding new ways to improve our processes, at Menlo Park. We are passionate about ways we can have a positive impact on the environment.







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