29 September

General Practice Award finalists

Celebrating Menlo Parks GP Awards nomination!

Following the great news we received at Menlo Park, that we have been shortlisted for the General Practice Awards, we caught up with one of our senior consultants, Patrick, to get his reaction to the nomination!

GP awards shortlist 2021


GP Awards

How did you feel when you heard we had been shortlisted for the General Practice Awards?

I was very excited when I found out we’d been shortlisted again for the General Practice Awards. The feeling when we won the awards in 2019 was amazing, so being in a position where we have a chance to win again is brilliant.

How do you think being shortlisted for the award reflects our work here, at Menlo Park?

It’s quite easy to be snow blind when it’s our daily work, but knowing we are making a genuine difference to Primary Care and patient populations across the UK is very rewarding.

Why do you think awards like this are important for healthcare as a whole?

Primary Care and the NHS in general are taken for granted a lot of the time, but I think this year has highlighted what an incredible resource we have at our fingertips. Highlighting exceptional efforts and achievements in Healthcare is important for morale and giving recognition where it’s deserved.

Do you think there are enough awards and recognition for healthcare workers as a whole?

There can never be enough awards and recognition given to Healthcare Workers, they’re everyday heroes!


Why do you think we were shortlisted for this award?

I’d like to think we were shortlisted for this award for our exceptional contribution to the NHS and Primary Care. We save the NHS millions of pounds per year in cutting locum costs, help PCNs utilise their funding, and cut down patient waiting times with better staffed practices.

Why do you think we are different, here at Menlo Park?

We genuinely care about what we do day to day, and take pride in our work. Every single person here is incredibly passionate and thorough in their approach, and everyone is pulling together for the same end goal. Our undiluted focus on recruiting permanent positions gives us an edge.

What are you looking forward to most at the awards ceremony?

I’m looking forward to seeing some incredible achievements rightfully lauded, and hopefully adding another award to our trophy cabinet!

We are very proud owners of the title of Staffing and Recruitment Agency, from the last General Practice awards. The whole team had the honour of representing the company at the awards ceremony in London. The whole team at Menlo Park are delighted to have been shortlisted, and we wish all the other finalists the very best of luck!

Award-winning primary care recruitment

Award-winning team!

How can our award-winning team help you?

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