09 March

Exclusive: 12% of GPs think surgeries were adequately paid for vaccine roll-out

Only 12% of GPs think surgeries were adequately paid for vaccine roll-out

JUST 12 per cent of GPs think GP surgeries were adequately paid by the UK government to deliver the fastest vaccine roll-out in history, according to a new survey.

GPs began delivering the Covid-19 vaccine in December 2020 and were responsible for the majority of the UK’s vaccination programme for double-jabs and the third boost shot. GP surgeries were paid £12.58 per dose for the initial doses, and £15 per jab for the booster jab.

But now it has been revealed that only 1 in 8 GPs think they have been paid a fair sum for their workload.

The news comes after a Pulse Today survey revealed that 40% of GPs claimed their practices either broken even or made a financial loss during the first phase of the vaccination programme.

The data has been gathered by Menlo Park’s recent survey, Tech & Primary Care: A Post Pandemic Panacea, which gave 11,000 GPs the opportunity to have their say on the current state of general practice.

In addition to concerns regarding the payment for delivering jabs, only half of GPs thought that using GP Partnerships to deliver the vaccine roll-out was the right move.

Mass-vaccination centres

Mass-vaccination centres were set up across the UK but a huge majority of the 116 million vaccinations carried out so far were delivered by GP partnerships.

Revised booster target dates at short notice, vitriolic media headlines, and the threat of government league tables on face-to-face appointments; it’s easy to forget the difficulties GP partnerships have faced in the last year. This period is just one example of the constant strain the sector has faced throughout the pandemic, exacerbated by the pressures of the vaccine rollout.

It’s clear to see the financial strain this would have put on many practices. Alongside the scale of workload for the industry, the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetimes before, it’s understandable why this is such a contentious issue.

GP practices delivering Covid vaccinations ‘for free or at a loss’, survey reveals

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