PODCAST: In Conversation with Dr Mateen Ellahi

Dr Mateen Ellahi covers portfolio careers, the success his practice is experiencing and the rise of GP consultancy. Part 1: …

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Burnt out matchstick

Stress Awareness Month

Podcast episodes about stress and burnout April has been Stress Awareness Month every year since 1992 in an attempt to …

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PODCAST: Are GPs Given a Bad Reputation?

The Future of General Practice Steve Taylor talks about the GP statistics and figures and what the future of General …

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PODCAST: How a GP Surgery Became Google’s Highest Rated

How a practice became the top rated GP surgery Join David Murphy and Dr. Nabeel Arshad as they discuss what …

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Podcast Episodes for GP Partners and PCNs

Our podcast, Illuminating Primary Care, hosts a variety of guests covering topics across primary care. We’ve featured GPs, Allied Health …

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PODCAST: The Challenges Faced by GP Trainees

What challenges do GP trainees face in training? Join Ciaran Fletcher and Dr. Erwin Kwun as they discuss the challenges …

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Primary Care Podcast for GPs

Looking for a new podcast for GPs? On our podcast, Illuminating Primary Care, we’ve hosted a range of guests – …

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Our primary care podcast has reached 1000 downloads!

We’ve reached an exciting milestone with our primary care podcast! Our podcast, Illuminating Primary Care, brings you thought leaders and …

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PODCAST: Are GPs Happy in Their Jobs?

Balancing your career and your wellbeing as a GP Join Ciaran Fletcher and Dr. Sally Hambly as they discuss how …

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