05 August

Announcing our winning vlogger!

Congratulations to Dr Katherine Fisher on winning the Menlo Park vlogging series!

We are delighted to announce that Katherine Fisher has won the vote as the best Menlo Park vlogger!

Katherine was voted as the best vlogger by her peers, and had this to say after hearing the news:

“I’m very grateful to Menlo Park for giving me the chance to put together these vlogs, it was fun and easy to do and I felt supported throughout the whole process.

I enjoyed the reflective aspect of the vlogs as I think we can often see only the negative side of the primary care situation in the news and I personally enjoyed looking back on my training so far and reminding myself what I had enjoyed and why I had gotten into general practice in the first place.

I’m very grateful for everyone who voted for my vlogs and I plan to thoroughly enjoy my new smartwatch! Thank you all.”

Katherine Fisher

Vlogging for Menlo Park

We have been running our vlogging series since last year, and the response has been overwhelming! All the vlogs we have been sharing have all been so if you head over to YouTube, you can watch all our vlogs there!

Click here to watch our playlist of vloggers from the first series.

We’re looking to recruit ST3s across the country to become Menlo Park Vloggers!

With our social media following and position within the primary care community, we think it’d be really useful for GP Registrars to share their training experiences with your peers across the UK.

It’ll be a modest time commitment (so you can focus on your training!) of just 3 Vlogs between now and July, each around 1 to 3 minutes long.

You could Vlog about how your first day was in GP land, how you’re finding your training, what you’ve learned so far, any interesting cases or just why you chose to become a GP.

Register your interest in becoming a Menlo Park Vlogger!

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible for more details and to apply. We’re planning to begin releasing our first Vloggers from August 2022!

You can call us on 0113 350 1308 or email us, at [email protected]

Feel free to complete our contact form here.



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