10 June

A poem about Menlo Park

From Menlo Park to General Practice: Helping practices shine, again and again!

By Kirsty Morris


In the land of healthcare, where patients abound,

Finding a great GP to stick around,

Is a challenge, a quest, a pursuit so grand,

But with Menlo Park, we’ve got a helping hand.


When starting your search, we’ll make you sparkle and shine,

“Seeking a superhero in healthcare design!”

Menlo Park’s here to set the perfect tone,

To attract the best doctors, they’ll unturn every stone.


The interview process is a delicate dance,

To gauge their skills, while giving a chance,

For the doc to see if they fit in your team,

And if your practice matches their dream.


Be upfront about challenges, don’t sugarcoat,

Menlo Park ensures it’s all in the note,

It’s better they know, than to later float,

Away from the post, in search of less stress,

Leaving your practice in a staffing mess.


Culture and values, they matter a lot,

Menlo Park finds a GP who shares what you’ve got.

Teamwork and empathy, humour and grace,

Are qualities that make for a harmonious place.


Once you’ve found the one, treat them well,

Support their growth, and they’ll surely excel.

Menlo Park offers tips, on how to maintain,

A happy GP who’ll ease your strain.


But if this all seems like a daunting affair,

Don’t fret, don’t worry, there’s help in the air.

Menlo Park, award-winning and wise,

Can solve your recruitment woes, no surprise.


With quality focus and a caring touch,

They’ll find you a GP who’ll deliver so much.

So relax and let Menlo Park handle the quest,

They’ll bring you the candidates who are simply the best!


With their expertise, your practice will thrive,

A bustling place where great doctors arrive.

So here’s to Menlo Park, a recruitment gem,

Helping practices shine, again and again!


Find out how we can help your practice shine

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